10 MEN. part1

Nickelson Wooster

Brad Goreski.

Jenke-Ahmed Tailly.

Simone Marchetti. 

Justin O'Shea


July said...

this guys looks better than some women in germany:D

Matthew Spade said...

these chaps sure know what they're doing. patterned trousers sure are looking appealing

thwany said...

i really like simone marchetti's style.

Lauren said...

Wonderfully stylish bunch of guys. I think my favorite thing here is the red badanna in Wooster's hip pocket.

The Styleseer

Olivia said...

Wow they really are ALLLLL fabulous, I don't have a favourite...I can't have a favourite, too much amazingness :)


DavidDaley said...

im in love with your blog LOL - Jenke has great style i'm a big fan!



Daria said...

I love how on the ninth picture you can see Grace Coddington in the background :) It's the hair!

Jen Umm said...

why don't more guys dress like this?

CPJY said...

just had a heart attack brb.

Unknown said...

They re beautiful, no jokes.


lovelycheesedoodles said...

Loving Simone Marchetti's patterned pants. :)Fancy pants trend all the way >:D

victorternblom said...

what's the name of the last guy?

Sean Santiago said...

thaaank you for posting names so I can style stalk them ;p

Ani Mendez said...

ohhh the last one rocks! jaja
lovely post (long live rock)

Yin said...

Amazingly well!!!Thx for the tips of their full names!!

sylvie sourit said...

Love this guy Janke Ahmed Tailly.
His style is full of pureness, colors mastery and fluidity in the forms.
So beautiful.


Andrew said...

These gents have style

thefashionguitar said...

Great photos, cool men!


Lydia Armstrong said...

These guys are amazing. Nickelson Wooster!!! How cool is he?

S.P. said...

I'm such a fan of Jenke's style.
Strut Mode

Beauty Follower said...

I vote for Nickelson Wooster,
great tattoos, great style!

Anonymous said...

'That guy' is Justin O'Shea, buyer at mytheresa.com.

Michelle Lee said...

amazing photos


cassie said...

If you want to take a break sometime; Im happy to step up and be the person to follow Justin O'Shea around (sure, Ill take some picture too).

Annika said...

Three pairs of trousers made of Marimekko fabric!! YEY!!

birkinboy said...

Great photos

Nice blog!


Ivan Kasaj said...

Oh yeah, Mr. Wooster is my personal fashion icon and a source of inspiration for my fashion illustration work. Few weeks ago I've made a drawing of him for a style blog. Check out, enjoy and let me know, if you like it.

Nickelson Wooster:

Ivan - www.kasaj.sk

Laura said...

this is my favourite post ever! i think i'm having a crush on wooster...

Johanna Urban said...

So many stylish men!

Johanna, sweden

Pearl said...

I love this post. Men can be just as creative as women, but in the States, I just don't see the playfulness, and the refinement, as I do in these pics and in Europe.


Tittyfer and Ampleforth said...

Men are my inspo for style x


sarah said...

LOVE all of these pictures. Not sure how you do it, I'm always amazed at your work. I'm going to be showing all my man folk friends these post in particular! :)


WWT said...

Great post.
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Careers Opportunities Philippines said...

the man with the tattoo and with the moustache is awesome,they look manly enough.

kikayis said...



Brianna said...

Lovely! So many great shots! And the clothes? Nothing better than a stylish man!


beauty said...

I liked the old man, how fit and smart he is! So amazing.

Lee Dove said...

Look at that! That’s what we call men’s fashion trends! Even though not all men are fond of wearing pink clothes, but to these days, pink colors are trendy for some. It provides a manly effect for them. Also, flowery clothing for men is in! Especially if it’s paired with right jacket, it totally rocks!

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