MENs BAG part.2


shu84 said...

lovely bags:)

Emily Barker said...

very stylish. Especially love the top picture with 3 in a row walking like in an action movie.

Sarah Elizabeth said...

Wonderful! It's interesting to observe the shoes that are worn with the bags too!

Vasilieva said...

loved the bags, awesome awesome

Me,....Mars Boyfriend said...

all bags are awesome, I really love this complement!!
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KC said...

that pretty carryall in distressed leather in the third photo is sooo yummy!

Collections said...

Huge fan of filson and what could be better when it's mixed with denim?

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Carlinka said...

love this blog.
best inspiration!!

love, Carlinka

Lauren said...

Brilliant shots! They're all really delightful. The guy wearing a tie as a belt was pretty funny too!

The Styleseer

thwany said...

this really makes me want to buy a new bag.

401 said...

sometimes men have better bags than women!

Anonymous said...

well, what can i say...more inspiring pictures as always.

Stephen said...

Does anyone know who the bag in the last picture is by?? It's so nice and perfect for summer

Nick said...

Anyone know who made the bag in the second picture? The one mixed with denim. :)

Kaila said...



Liz Lizo said...

The colors are so striking, amazing photos.

Liz Lizo

TheMen'sSide said...


Mat said...

please say there's a part 3

anastacia bogdanova said...

oh,i love your pictures! i didn't checked blogspot for a long time. your blog is the one i missed))

Emily said...

Love the styles with the green and blue bag! And more importantly, the one photo below with the man who's wearing the Balenciaga shoes!

Thank you for sharing!

Pizi said...

always great to see how bags can be so simple shape and yet so interesting. i think men should dare more to use bags.
the red leather tote is so beautiful!

Nestor said...

Ahhhhhh so cool!
Love this bags.

See you!

Bor said...

I love this blog & post so much!

A big hug!

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Arik Air Flights To Lagos said...

Simply stunning! I've never really tried to make tags before. Yours are absolutely amazing!

Arik Air Flights To Lagos said...

Simply stunning! I've never really tried to make tags before. Yours are absolutely amazing!

Elisabeth Isabelle said...


Jank Fairuz said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jank Fairuz said...

ohhhh the bags.......

Iván García said...

i love your blog!!!!!!!! love love love

follow youuuu!


Sara C. said...

I've been always wandering where men keep their things if not in a bag?? don't they have wallets, keys, diaries, cell phones...lipsticks??
Sara C.

la seo said...

so great pictures!! like your photos!! ; )

Anonymous said...

Love your's very inspiring!

I was so inspired about these bag posts, that I bought the new Burberry Prorsum tote in kaki... :-)

Michelle Lee said...

Love men bags :)

Jewellery Channel said...

Very trendy and stylish bags!!!

Elisa said...

great pictures!


Ishara said...

I like her concept. It's a beautiful bag- similar to what I carry but I like this one's exaggerated length. I think the paper bag was such a cute touch! Cool bag as well, really simple and easy to pair with a lot of outfits, which means perfect school bag Very cool, such a unique shape! I especially love that sassy zipper hanging out. It's the unexpected details that really make things special.
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Anonymous said...

loved the bags, awesome thanks

Jeff Hardy said...

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Delhi Online Florist said...

Thats a nice set of handbags.

ullash said...

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heelys said...

I love to see those bags. This is great collection. It is nice to see different styles and color specially men's bag.

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