Lauren said...

This is a wonderfully fun set of shots. I love the whimsy in them, especially the first one and the shot of the man's hands clasped behind his back.

The Styleseer

Sara said...

I looks a bit like a Tommy Hilfiger commercial.

Sonya Harris said...

Fabulous detail and impeccable shots as per usual.

Pepa Xavier said...


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Emilia Alonso said...

Geourgeos photos!!! amazing!! xoxo from argentina!

fashion and frank said...

Oh the boys are doing it again - top top top pics! x

Absolutely Mrs. K said...

that is what i call interesting detailing and details! how amazing are those shots! we don't pay enough attention to details like that, and they are oh so important! i am a huge fan of boyish sophistication, so fabulous inspiration to me

Miss L said...

love the details :)

Francis said...

Where can I purchase one of the watch straps?

Francis Baker

Mat said...

i think he'll onto something :)

Alice Olive said...

Love the clothes and really love your images!

thwany said...


MJ said...

lol,its so pretty

Cristina said...

Great story. The first image is reminiscent of a Guy Bourdin photograph...the one of all the black umbrellas and just a pop of color coming through on a few of a woman's face. I don't know why but that's what it makes me think of!

Lady Fur said...

♡I love it so much!!!!!!!
from your follower! ♡

With love Little Sable

Anonymous said...

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Unique28 said...

These are great photos, way to show some pride for one's country. I especially like tha tphoto with the man and women both wearing a blazer. Nice blog as well

annie said...

I love that you have captured such delicious details! Amazing work as always, you never fail to impress.


Anonymous said...


Manspiration said...

Brilliant, absolutely brilliant pics!

Anonymous said...

whats the name of this brand ????


amazing shots.. :)

Vani said...
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Vani said...

Your photos are incredibly good!
I love your blog.


Kitschissime said...

A little bit patriotic...but perfect !

mens-journal said...

Thom Browne is everywhere!

JOHANNA said...

amazing collection of pics!!!!
I'm in love

kaitlyn said...

i love the way your capture details...and how nicely the photos relate to each other. you have a wonderful eye.


modniza said...

fabulous shoot! xxx

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So nice !

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