Hanne Gaby Odiele: off duty

3pm Feb.14 // at DKNY. NewYork #1
3pm Feb.14 // at DKNY. NewYork #2
3pm Feb.14 // at DKNY. NewYork #3
5pm Feb.25 // at Blue Marine. Milan
5pm Feb.27 // at Missoni. Milan #1
5pm Feb.27 // at Missoni. Milan #2
5pm Feb.27 // at Missoni. Milan #3
5pm Feb.27 // at Missoni. Milan #4
10am Mar.06 // at Akrin. Paris #1
10am Mar.06 // at Akrin. Paris #2
10am Mar.06 // at Akrin. Paris #3
6pm Mar.03 // at Rick Owens. Paris #1
6pm Mar.03 // at Rick Owens. Paris #2
11am Mar.07 // at Emanuel Ungaro. Paris #1
11am Mar.07 // at Emanuel Ungaro. Paris #2
11am Mar.07 // at Emanuel Ungaro. Paris #3
3pm Mar.08 // at Valentino. Paris #1
3pm Mar.08 // at Valentino. Paris #2
3pm Mar.08 // at Valentino. Paris #3
you can see how crazy I am about her !! XX


Fashion Agony said...

She has such an interesting face! Love her!


mycloset said...

I loooove her too!
She's.. wow! No words!
And I want her Prada brogues!!!

Melissa said...

great photos! she looks like fun


salomé said...

A MA ZING pics.... looooooove ;))

GARANCE DORÉ street Style here: http://magmoiselle.fr

LeSimple said...

absolutely great! she is wonderful and the pics also !!


Jana said...

mhm, nice stuff she wears, but she is really waaay too skinny. The anorexic look with the fragile body and the much too huge and heavy looking head. not for me.

but thanks for all the other inspiration you bring to me post by post =)

cheers, Jana

amalie said...

love these photos! she's great.

Unknown said...

awesome selection, she is looking fantastic and i just adore that blode hair


Alice said...

love her! she´s so full of life, and her style is great and inspiring.

thwany said...

she's been a busy girl.

Polkaways said...

Hanne Gaby is so nice.
I also met her and she looks like the girl you would hang out with.

I love your pictures, really good job. I bet you used an analog camera?



Anonymous said...

i'm so in love with her now!
great shots!

*sunday* said...

i love the last couple of shots - so natural


Jess said...

loved this series of photos. she's just so lovely =D

Unknown said...

Your blog is one of my new obsessions..
like seriously! I check everyday..



check out my blog...

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oh! love it!!!

Sohee Anne Baek said...

Just saw u on onstyle Fashion week 2011 programme. Ur so hansome!!! Gnna become ur big fan!!! Love ur blog. Photos r amazing.

buyffxivgil said...

She has different facades i like her. Having everything in one wrap much more like a surprise thats what she is. Nice photos!

lovelife said...

how amazing ur pics!!
those give lots of inspiration to me
u are awesome!!xoxo

Stylesis said...

We love her too, her look is amazing! She has a total 'I-don't-care-what-people-think' attitude and looks so cool at that!


cristina petre said...

and you're right to be! she's got a great style and personality from what i can see!

TheStreetFashion5xpro said...

she's very beautiful...amazing shots all always

Bi said...

stuff she's wearing seems OK but she's so ugly, i mean her face is too big. on first picture she looks like an alien.

mik said...


Prutha Raithatha said...

she is insanely hot..i love her face..its soo unusal and shes fun... love the mirror shots soo much...

Ninjagaiden78 said...

She has soo much style it is crazy.


Patti Santamaria said...

i love it! i follow you please follow me


Anonymous said...

Love these photos! Amazing blog.


Collections said...

Beautiful photographs, she's great.


Loz Bendeich said...

She is just so gorgeous and fun! I am in love with thos Prada Loafers and super jealous of how she look in them!!

Love your blog honey, you have a new follower!!


nana said...

She is so pretty! Lucky you; got to photograph her at so many differnt occasions! You seem to be having lots of fun at fashion week! Cant wait for more amazing post here!


Anonymous said...

Your pictures are so fresh! Even though I recognize a lot of the usual subjects, your eye for detail and the images you choose stand out from the other blogs. Rock on! Your Korean Nuna

May d said...

wow ! all of this pictures is wonderful! :)
i love your blog.

Elisabeth said...

these are amizing shots!!

Anonymous said...

love her! so proud that she's from Belgium! :)

TheWorst. said...

she is so beautiful, I ran into he today and couldn't help myself


Annie said...

her face is really interesting. love how different it can look.

X, Annie


Cristina said...

She makes fantastic shapes! I can see why you love her.



Nádia said...

*.* SIMPLY GORGEOUS!!! Her syle is drop-dead stylish!!!


Jessie said...

Your photos are great, so interesting and fun!

Unknown said...

I love how natural these shots are! And of course I'm in love with those Prada shoes!

agnes szucs said...

love YOUR eye, and love HER dressing!

agnes / iiiinspired

Angela Noori Choi said...

부러워요. 저는 뉴욕에서 만났지만, 그쪽은 많은곳에서 많아서 좋겠어요. She's such a funny girl.
I love your blog. Keep posting your amazing photos!

MESIKE said...

Interesting is a polite way to say ugly. And she is very interesting.

Delete said...

Very interesting face;0))

Seo Oj said...

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