thwany said...

those shoes, WOW.

mll mag said...

loooooove all these pics :))

come discover my blogazine ;))

Dc Shoes said...

I enjoyed watching it. I'm supposed to be somewhere else in a minute but I stuck to seeing the story. I love the pics , too here. :D

Unknown said...

absolutely brilliant snaps, very inspiring



great photos!

mycloset said...

I always love your pics!!! My favorite blog right now.

Unknown said...

Amazing photos!This is one of my favourite blogs!
The Balenciaga's shoes are fantastic and Olivia... she is wonderful!


ADJ said...

I really love the audacity in the LFW images that you shared. The colors are full of punch and vigor. Really nicely done.


Collections said...

Wonderful pictures, per usual. What type of camera do you use?


The Photodiarist said...

Incredible first photograph. Love the whole series, but the first is awesome.

classiq said...


magnet. said...

finding color in in such a grey city! you have such an incredible eye for detail. cheers.


agata said...

your photographs are always the best!


Anonymous said...

Love your pics! xx Frida


Kate said...

brilliant photos! :)


STEFANIE said...

You're doing a great job by rapidly becoming (one of) my favourite streetstyle photographer :)! Keep it up!

Nino Eliava said...

love your pics, amazing work


▲Tyna said...

amazing photos!! i really love them.)

Anonymous said...

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