Rechard _ Sackville Street. London


The Book of Right-On said...

Very classy, love the touch of colour of the tie!

we have a new post on BoRO, hope you like it :)

Margaux + Ele

The Book of Right-On said...

Haha I see my partner in crime has commented above.. Just have a wee browse of your blog... Where the hell did you find that girl in Oxford? I was born and raised there and a wee gem like that gal's fashion is hard to find. Will be back for more soon.

Ele from BORO x

Ps do you have a book out?

rouli said...

cooooool post!!!!!!!

lovely and so chic outfit!!!!!!

love it!!

great blog u have!!!!!!

like ur posts below as well!!!!

please come visit me and join if u fancy:))


Anonymous said...

wow. I can see his dignity !!

Flory said...

nice shot! love your blog! pls visit my blog and follow back if you like.thanks

Davidikus said...

Nice shot! Your shots are far better than 90% of the street style blogs I have read.

I raelly like this coat, though it could be just an inch or two longer to fit the silhouette perfectly. I used to have one like this in grey!